An Ode to Archangel Michael

by Belinda Katusic


Your hair is woven with strands of gold
Your eyes are diamonds that sparkle
Like moonbeams in the midnight sky
Your lips are set with the strength of one
Who only speaks with the wisdom of the days of old.
Michael, Warrior of Light
Spread your wings into the open sky
And charge with all your might
Your mighty sword
For You are the Word
You serve the Lord!
Into the heavens your words ring true
Of wisdom and of courage
And all who hear
Your voice with thunder
Know the time has come!!
Of the One who has promised
To take us back from whence we came
For all of those who wait and hear
Are ready to ascend
For the time has come
And the day is near
As all the angels gather
And all the souls prepare
And fear and hate is broken
And love now reigns again
The messenger has spoken
And all who hear will know!

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