Melody of the Whole 

Part 1

brightness sometimes hurts the eye
and darkness hurts the heart
but each heals and hours later
     teaches us what to value
and what to prize
but each tree is part of a landscape
and every horizonview here on Earth includes an upwards
     and a down
and it's all perfect
in a bright beautiful smiling way
or in a dark ugly sad way

Part 2

if you listen you hear
so many sounds
     all at once --
wind in the key of wind
playing Bach upon violin strings made of treebranch
heaters humming in the key of heater
percussive fireplaces crackling and popping, and roaring
(the blood rushing through your head)
the tires on the street so far
                          away making music of pavement
vocalistic water screaming and roaring, and splashing
     through faucets  and drainpipes and beaches and sewers
and if you relax enough
you hear and
feel the great chord.

Part 3

Life and Death and Birth
and Literal Rebirth maybe
and Renaissances of Cities and
and the Only Plan was to Abandon
a Plan and Simply Watch
because it's so amazing
     What we Kill
    and Who we Kill For
   and Why we Give Life
 and How that Life wil Be
once it Begins outside a Mother
Who came from a Parent (times infinity)
and Ancestors are Dead Now
but Descendants Live and Are Living
and Giving
and Taking Life
and Life fading and flickering
and Life Giving Itself to Towns
to Awaken the People
from Sleep and Dreams and Fantasies
and Nightmares
and it isn't
What you Do or Who you Know
because When You and All of
Conceive a Dream a Person a Plan
Imagine anything at all
then there's More to Life than
What they tell the Dreamers to Get.
Life is what you Receive when you
Watch and Know what Abounds you.

Part 4

Can you admit you feel only one
way with one word towards anything
that is or breathes
or does
or can be pictured?
There are those whom we
love but we hate
and accept but don't understand
and adore but dislike
and like but don't care for
and are interested in but discriminate towards
and respect but don't trust
and we mix and shake and gel
the combinations and the people
match or spark or burn with rage
and there are many kinds of love
for many different kinds of people
and for the same kinds of lovers there
are different loves
and there are different everythings
for anyones for anythings....
And there is not a single emotion more
important than the rest that you
or I can name
because it all adds up somehow.
The love you feel for a friend
makes them understand an enemy who
hates them more for being kind
and then loses interest in a wife who
accepts her loss and trusts a sister who
gains respect fo the wife but
loses respect for the husband
and she adores her lover but
he rages against his father
and his father hates women and that
bothers you
So you confide in a friend and
Butterfly wings flapping in China cause
a windstorm in Kansas.
It's all a gam we play
and losing or winning doesn't matter
because it affects everything.
There is no balance
but that lack tends to balance things out a little
so they don't overwhelm
Sadness is part of the harmony that adds to the whole --
sadness leads to hope
Hatred leads to someone else's rebellion
a rebellion leads to a bright new future
and love may someday lead you to both
sadness and happiness
and the feeling that everything makes sense, "good" or "bad"
and is part of a symphony, dissonant or harmonious,
and is perfect;
that everything that could ever be
or dream of being
is part of the plan
and is perfect.

Alice Evangeline McCue

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