A Vision Whose Time Has Come

by Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
For many years Aquarian Age visionaries and networkers have foreseen a moment when all of us would have ready access to each other's visions and projects via some kind of central network. Indeed, several New Age organizations and individuals who have found common areas of interest have already experimented with versions of such networks.

Imagine what it would be like if there were a project that could connect worthwhile endeavors like these in a central nexus, where people could enter their messages, let others know who they are and what they are offering, and where all of us could search easily for like-minded individuals working in similar directions.

The Planetary Light Network is this project -- the creation of a central repository of information and people, available to anyone involved in spiritual, holistic, metaphysical or New Age subjects. It is being organized by a group of dedicated individuals and organizations who came together in July of 1997 via the Internet, with the knowledge that for our world to be at peace, we must create a visible example of cooperation and harmony. We recognize that via the Internet we have all the tools to provide a central meeting place and a sophisticated database to link those active in New Age projects with others of like heart and mind.

On August 17, the 10th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, Planetary Light Network made its debut with its own web site on the Internet, explaining our goals and demonstrating the technology which will allow people to link to each other according to their interests and offerings. PLN will be totally neutral rather than tied to a particular project, philosophy or agenda, and will exist only to serve others.

The present goal is to introduce the idea, gather support from various organizations and continue to develop a sophisticated information system (database) so that anyone can enter information directly via their web browser or by normal mail, phone or fax. Those acting as PLN's caretakers are working to create a very stable foundation to make sure the project is grounded and in balance on all levels.

How can you participate? You can add your name to the PLN data system. We are also looking for more volunteers to help us build the core foundation of PLN. People can assist us to create web pages, to join the design team for the on-line database, to find new organizations to support this initiative, and to find web sites willing to place one page on their site explaining PLN.

We believe that the time for Planetary Light Network is right. There are many challenges facing our world in the coming years. Many of us feel that the world is in the process of transformation and we want to participate in this process. We see PLN as a visible example of cooperation and a tool to bring us all together.

Join us in making this exciting vision a reality.

Planetary Light
Rebecca Bryant    

Joshua Shapiro

Joshua Shapiro is the co-founder of V J Enterprises with his wife, Vera. The Shapiros live in the Chicago Area. Joshua has been an Aquarian Age Networker since 1981, and in 1982 wrote his first book, Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker. Besides PLN,
V J Enterprises offers a large web site. Joshua also has been doing investigations on Crystal Skulls and UFOs and his next book is titled Crystal Skull Chronicles

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