Vows of Peace

If no one holds a vision of war , then war cannot exist. The same can be said for hatred, greed, indifference, etc. Thus came the vision for the Vows of Peace. 

These vows started as a collective effort of seven people and will be ever evolving with input from anyone that feels called to add their suggestions. 

The idea is that the more people that can take the vows (and write them in their own handwriting, read them as often as possible, and keep a copy with them at all times to share with others), the more peaceful we will be as individuals and the more peaceful the world will be. 

Please print and make copies of these vows and give, post up, hand out, mail, e-mail (you can copy and paste the words on this page into an e-mail message), and distribute them in every way possible to as many people as possible. 

You could even make a button, t-shirt, sign or bumper sticker that says something like, "Have you taken the Vows of Peace? Ask me about it!" Be creative! Together we CAN bring peace to the Earth.


I vow to always do what I know in my innermost self to be right. 

I vow to make eye contact with and smile at, or wave to, everyone I see.

I vow to treat others as I wish to be treated.

I vow to treat myself as I want others to treat me, to take care of myself and my body, to work on healing my emotional wounds so there is more room for peace in my being, and to look in the mirror and say, "I love you" at least once a day.

I vow to do whatever I can to make myself a more peaceful person. (Examples: taking a class in, or reading a book about, yoga, tai-chi, meditation, breathwork or reading a book or watching a movie about a peaceful person I admire like Ghandi, St. Francis, Mary, Buddha, Jesus, etc.)

I vow to release myself from the pain of things I cannot change.

I vow to do more and try harder than I ever have in the past.

I vow to use my time wisely and to prioritize the tasks in my life in a way that is of most benefit to all.

I vow to concentrate on the positive aspects in my life.

I vow to respect all living things and to help all living things that are in need.

I vow to see the good in everyone and help each person bring forth their best self.

I vow to treat everyone as my sister or brother and to do my best to learn something from everyone I meet.

I vow when I feel someone is "doing something wrong," to mentally and emotionally "put myself in their shoes" to understand why they have chosen that course of action.

I vow to defend the rights of children and others unable to defend themselves and to do my best to empower them to defend themselves.

I vow to help all the children in my life become more peaceful, loving adults.

I vow to use all the talents that I have been blessed with in a way that is in harmony with the highest possible good in the universe.

I vow to help create a peaceful and harmonious environment at home, at work, and everywhere else I happen to be.

I vow to abide by divine law above and beyond all other laws. 

I vow to put forth loving effort in all that I do and insure the quality of service that I provide to others.

I vow to be thankful for all that I have, especially the food that I eat.

I vow to make a conscious effort to have peaceful thoughts because my thoughts create my reality.*

I vow to Visualize World Peace at every free moment throughout the day. 

I vow to focus only on positive possible outcomes of the future because the future is not yet written and our collective thoughts create our reality.*

*The fact that our thoughts create our reality is supported by discoveries in the scientific field of quantum physics. 

Thank you in advance to everyone for helping to get the Vows of Peace to every human being on the planet!

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