U.S.S. St. Louis

U.S.S. St. Louis

From the “Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships,”
(1976) Vol. 6, pp.245-246.

ST. LOUIS' first convoy duty began on 17 June 1917 when

she departed New York in escort of Group 4, American

Expeditionary Force.  Returning to Boston for repairs on 19

July 1917, she had completed six additional voyages,

escorting convoys bound from New York for ports in Britain

and France by the end of the war.  After the Armistice, ST.

LOUIS was immediately pressed into service returning troops

to the United States.  She returned 8,437 troops to Hoboken,

New Jersey, from Brest, France, in seven round-trip

crossings between 17 December 1918 and 17 July 1919, when

she arrived at the Philadelphia Navy Yard for repairs.

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