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More Cousins
Children of Giustina  (Simonetti) and Donato Giafone

My grandaunt and uncle, Donato and Giustina (Simonetti) Giafone had a large family. Their children are my first cousins once removed. They are Joseph, John, Lucy, Salvatore, Theresa, Edward, Mary, Rose, and Josephine. Giustina's granddaughter, and Salvatore's daughter, Justine Giafone Adams, sent me this photo montage.  I got goosebumps when I first saw this photo because I remember seeing every one of them when I was a little girl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They grew up around the corner from me on Union Avenue. I lived on Conselyea St. 
 Theresa  "Tessie" married Joseph Iovino. 
John's first wife's name is unknown to me. He later married Stella whose maiden name is unknown to me. 
Lucy married Joseph Chiociariello.
Joe married Josephine (Josie) whose maiden name is unknown to me. They lived at 181 Maujer St., Brooklyn.
Sal married Pauline Manduca.
 Mary (below) was born on November 15, 1906 in Williamburg, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. Her parents lived at 304 Union Ave. Her name is Maria on her birth certificate. Mary married George Fioto (below) on December 10, 1932, in Williamsburg. George was born August 15, 1900. His family lived at 530 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn. George died on February 4, 1985. He was the son of Antonio and Carmela (Cacace) Fioto. 
Maria Giafone, born 1906 in Brooklyn, NYGeorge Fioto, 1900-1985, husband of Maria Giafone
Thanks to Frederick Francis Fioto for these photos of  Mary and George 
and for sharing so much of the family history with me. 
Many of these cousins have passed on but are not forgotten. 
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