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Wedding of Albert and Beatrice Normandia in New York

This is the April 29, 1928 wedding of my Godfather (and Uncle) Albert Normandia, and his beautiful bride, Beatrice Gallo, originally from Verona, Italy. She came to America when she was two years old and her sister, Lina, was four. The best man was my Great Uncle Sam Tuorto, my Grandma Giovannina (Jennie) Normandia's brother. The maid of honor was Beatrice's sister, Angelina (Lina or "Nini" Gallo, now Pizzo), who was born in Rome, Italy, and now lives in New Jersey. The flower girl was my sister, Angelina "Jean" Normandy (married name Lomuto) who had chickenpox at the time! The ringbearer is only identified on the back of the picture as Chubby. Does anyone know who he is?  Except for Lina, and possibly Chubby, they are all deceased.

Albert and Beatrice had four children who all had nicknames when they were little. Only recently did I learn the real names of "Baby, Sonny, Buddy and Junior!" Their names were Beatrice, Michael, Joseph and Albert. They all married and had children, some of whom I met for the first time through email since beginning this family album. I have recently had very touching phone conversations with Baby and Junior after 50 years of losing track of each other.

I cannot locate Great Uncle Sam's grandchildren who were around my age. If anyone in the family  knows where the children of Millie and Ralph Alternative are, or even their current names, please email me: Contact (Remove space after contact) I only know them as "Baby Anna" and "Sonny." Thanks.

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Oh, how we danced
On the night we were wed
We vowed our true love
Though a word wasn't said
The world was in bloom
There were stars in the skies
Except for the few
That were there in your eyes

Dear, as I held you
So close in my arms
Angels were singing
A hymn to your charms
Two hearts gently beating
Were murmuring low
"My darling, I love you so."

The night seemed to fade
Into blossoming dawn
The sun shone anew
But the dance lingered on
Could we but relive that
Sweet moment sublime
We'd find that our love
Is unaltered by time

  Music and lyrics by Cliff  Friend
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