Priscilla Normandy Greenwood's Family Album

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My cousins from Aunt Jennie and Uncle Frank Devine's Family

Sal and Kay Devine Dan and Lillian Triano
Salvatore and Kaye Devine
Daniel and Lillian Triano
Aunt Jennie & Uncle Frank Devine's granddaughter
My cousin Sal had a beautiful voice. I remember how he always sang "Symphony of Love"at family gatherings. I also remember him singing it at an Italian street feast when I was real small.

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Still looking for a midi file of: "Symphony of Love"
by Lawrence, J; Stone, A, Bernstein, R, &Tabet, A.)
Sung by Benny Goodman and also by Freddy Martin

Symphony of love
Music from above
How does it start?

You walk in
And the song begins
Singing violins
Start in my heart

Then you speak
The melody seems to rise
Then you sigh
It sighs and it softly dies
Sing to me

Then we kiss
And it's clear to me
When you're near to me
You are my symphony

 English words by Jack Lawrence
 Music by Alstone
Background and bar by Angels Design                            Go Higher

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