Episode 2
God and Life Continues

This channeled session with Reflection was held especially for Mystic Planet
on November 1, 1999. The questions were submitted by
Dr. Gordon Greenwood and expanded upon by Steve Kinniburgh.
As usual, the channel is Deep Trance Medium, Donna Kinniburgh.

Donna and Steve Kinniburgh
Donna & Steve Kinniburgh
These abbreviations are used throughout:

REF:  Reflection
SK:  Steve Kinniburgh
GG: Dr. Gordon Greenwood
DK: Donna Kinniburgh

Note: "Indeed" is a word used by Reflection to keep the channel open. it may not always mean they are in agreement.

GG: (a) Tell us about yourself as a channeling entity. (b) Have you lived in this vibration?

REF:  Indeed! We, Reflection, are a grouping of discarnate entities that have lived in many varieties of vibrations and existences.  Do take note that time itself, as a concept, may or may not have existed in some of our realities.  As well, some of us have not yet existed in any form of physicality, as you know this to be.

Indeed, we are referred to as “spiritual guides” and our nucleolus doth be the combination of those guides of the sleeping form, our channel, those of our director/conductor, in unison, and all those who do participate in the session whom we refer to the as “the seeker(s).”  In one way or another, are all a part of the holistic existence.

We have existed on many planets, and other galaxies to your perception of matter.  We would not hold space or corporeal, indeed. This is a life form that we are and we exist in a vibration of that which could be described as light.  Think of a child’s toy known as a “sparkler” which emanates a multitude of distinctive lights vibrating at different frequency.  These lights would consist of a gestalt or massive group of entities that be known in your definition and language as “Reflection.”

Our purpose is to give guidance from our joint experience. When a query is asked, we would step out of time; hold a meeting; come to a consensus and step back into your perception of time and offer options to look at.  And you, yourselves, who would hold corporeal have opportunity to complete the energy circuit and manifest in the physical.   We inspire; you create!  Indeed, there is much more information available on this explanation, however, this shall suffice for the present.

(c) How do you access your answers to questions?

REF: We have access to and tap into universal knowledge and spiritual experience from a multitude of lifetimes.  And hence when a particular question is asked, all those of us who would have understanding on the subject would give their opinion. We would examine the entire circumstance and put all the pieces of the puzzle into place and come to a unanimous agreement by consensus.   Indeed, we would view into the subconscious minds of the individual, you see, with out violating the subconscious choices of the persona. We would research the data found in what some would call the Akashic records or what some others may refer to as “Group Mind Consciousness” being the records of all experiences of all lifetime in all realities.  We would draw information from this and present it for the entity
to review and to assist themselves.  Know that we are partners with each of our individual selves; the collective unconscious mind, the director and with your selves as, seekers of awareness and spiritual development.

(d) Are your perceptions of universal truth more accurate and valid than our own?

REF: That is dependent on what you perceive to be “universal truth.”  For the truth is that there is not only one specific truth.  For what be truth for one, may not necessarily be truth for another.  As for what ye call “universal truth” there are, indeed, certain universal realities that would exist such as the knowledge that what is presented to the universe is returned to the giver with more impact than it was sent; ‘tis the law of return.  Understand that the forces of nature have the greater impact on your reality for it do work in harmony with the universal flow and when left untouched by human control, the Universe can unfold, naturally.    Universal truth is multifaceted and to thoroughly explain would require much time, indeed, to give understanding of the depth of its totality for we could continue infinitely on this subject alone.

SK:  Yes, a full session may be in order for this topic.  We will continue with the next  question.

GG: Many besides yourself are channeling messages today. How can we know which ones can be trusted and which ones can't, given the differences and inconsistencies in the material they bring? How much faith should we place in life readings and prophecy statements?

REF: Become aware of the experience and the track record or history of the  channel and we do recognize that one needs to begin somewhere, therefore, it is wise to observe the channeler’s development.   For a channeler or medium needs to work on the self to present clear information. It is not the sources that have difficulty with accuracy; it is the perception or the filter of the channeler. For the channeler need to be constantly in a state of personal development and to act out their spiritual belief or to “walk their talk.”

Further, indeed, do look at the use of words in the delivery of the message. If a source would communicate with critical or judgmental words such as can’t, don’t, won’t, should shouldn’t or any words that evoke guilt, worry, fear then that is a key for caution. Spiritual sources can only utilize the data that is available to them for they cannot violate the free will and choice of any. Listen to your own feelings, for if you feel uncomfortable then ask yourself question why; for your own guides do direct you as well, you see.

There be other reasons as well that could be applicable, for as each seeker has their own individual filter, therefore, how the information is perceived or understood need be taken into consideration.  Be ye also aware that as your world is in such a state of flux and change, information that is applicable in the to day (of your time) could perhaps have different meaning in your tomorrow.  For is this not the point of Spiritual Sources providing direction in this manner but to give alternatives for betterment?

You see, prophecy is not “destiny”! It is, indeed, that which is foreseen if humanity or individuals continue on a certain path.  Indeed, when a source offers options and gives guidance, rather than stating “this is the one and only way”, then there be much wisdom provided; do use it wisely!  Finally, and most importantly, ‘tis the end result that matters, for off times one may not understand exactly why a Spiritual Source would give a certain message to humanity or the individual, however, “hind site is usually 20-20,” indeed!

GG: Of all the extant religions on earth today (e.g.: Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Islam, Christianity, Spiritualism, etc.) which teachings are closest to the truth as you see it. Why?

REF: Indeed, all religions hold “truth”.  As we have stated “truth” is multifaceted but to answer the query most clearly, of course, it would be “Spirituality” which may not necessarily mean the religion of “Spiritualism.” The term “religion” simply means, indeed, “a belief that is practiced religiously or habitually” until it become a life style. Indeed, know that if any organized religion does not hold the spiritual essence of “unconditional love” and judges the belief of another than the foundation is shaky.  Some religious
bodies preach one thing and do the other.  One will not find spirituality by practicing on one day of the week.  Those who would walk in the path of their own words and would not judge or criticize but practice harmony, be closer to the spiritual essence of what some would call God, others Buddha some Allah and many other names of reference. If each be claiming theirs alone is the true path and, indeed, if they have need to prove their belief so adamantly to others, then it may be themselves they wish to convince.  The Spiritual essence can not be owned by one religion but is individual and given and accepted, indeed, most freely.

GG. Describe the nature of the One or All That Is. Is it merely a force that creates, but does not interfere in the affairs of humankind, or is it a personal god who does intervene? If the One intervenes, under what circumstances does It do so and in what form? Are you personally in touch with the One? Can we also be?

REF: Indeed, the “One” is a good word for and as well a description of that which is referred to as “God”.  God usually implies a male reference whereas the “one” is the duality of both genders and all.  The “One” if you will, is indeed, or can be described as a force of nature that is in every aspect of your being. The one, indeed, is intelligent and wise; practical; the one is a force of power; indeed, that protects when required without interference and only intervenes to give direction and allowing for freedom.  “The One” allows for choice and opportunity, indeed, and is a personal “One” or to use the familiar term God/Goddess, if you will, that does not judge or interfere.  ‘Tis only the personality of the self that judges and interferes.

We, as Spiritual Guides, are connected to you and to that which are called “Angels” which are connected to that which you refer to as “The One” which is also connected to you, therefore, we, you, they and all are connected. ‘Tis liken to a chain, each link is important to the whole or “The One” and therefore is “One”, you see.  Indeed, the One is not significant only to that of the planet Earth, therefore, ownership of “The One” does not exist.  Know that “The One” is beyond your known Universe.  All can be in touch with “The One” by practicing the description of “The One” that we have provided and by working towards unconditional love so that ye can walk as “One”  in the path with all other parts of “ The One”, side by side, not attempting to lead nor to follow but to “Be”!

SK: So, in your estimation, God does not interfere but adds the energy that we need to create our reality, is that right?

REF: That is correct, think as yourselves as the arms and legs of the Godhead or “The One” or God/TheOne’s experiences in the physical.

GG: Explain the role and mission of Jesus called the Christ by Christians.  Was he indeed the only Son of God who was sacrificed on a Roman cross for the  remission of the sins of human kind, or was he merely a man who was "promoted" to divine status by the political activities of early Christian teachers such as Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles, who never actually met Jesus personally?

REF: The latter part of this query is closer to the reality, indeed, but understand as well that of Jesus the Christ was created, by design, by an organization in conjunction with others to, indeed, provide the world, at the time, some organization and structure. For this action was, in fact, a stepping stone for the primitive unaware persona to move into a more civilized society to hold a long range sense of purpose for existence.  The mission of Jesus the Christ was to prepare the world or to unify, indeed, understand that if the world at that time continued in the path that it was on, you would not have developed and grown as a race.

However, as your history doth dictate, the misuse of power was that which corrupted the pure intent of the creation of this spiritual leader, for in the very organization this invoked control and limited freedom of being.  Did Jesus the Christ die on the cross?  Indeed, not! Was it a political move, absolutely! Again we could go into great dissertation on this but this has been presented in other sessions in detail.

SK:  I would like to go back to one part of this question; the political aspect and the promotion of Jesus the Christ to Saul of Tarsus who eventually was called Paul the Apostle. Was he really propagating the essence of what Jesus supposedly said?

REF: Absolutely not, he interpreted, designed it, created it though not as your history does purportedly show. Although one cannot in truth call this history, for there is no physical proof of any of this actually occurring other in than that which is called the “bible.”

GG: Tibetan Buddhists see life occurring in four bardos: (1) life, (2) dying and death, (3) after death, (4) rebirth. One of their important teachings is that each of us should use the fact of our death and the impermanence of all things as a perspective for examining our lives and how we live them. Much time is spent on learning techniques for dealing with the personal dying process, so that, for example, one can recognize the "primary clear light,"
rest in it, and become liberated. From your perspective, are these valid teachings that should be followed by all of us?

REF: Indeed, these could not be followed by all because of the difference of belief system in your world.  However to shed more light on this, the root of the concept is very valuable except that it has always been human nature to worry more about dying than to focus on living.  Individuals in reality are not truly afraid of dying they are afraid of living.  Indeed, for if they were not afraid of living they would focus on the present.  If one would work to gain the most out of their lives with unconditionally, then the death issue would not be so traumatic for ye would feel satisfied and fulfilled with the life ye hath chosen to experience.

GG: What is the nature of the typical dying process? What usually occurs during the death process? Are the tunnel, the Being in white light, and life review processes described in the "near death experience" literature accurate? Do we sleep for awhile, awaken in our astral body, and move to a vibration appropriate to our level of spiritual development or what?

REF: Indeed, when individuals leave the physical that some refer to the casting off of clay after they have gone through the five stages of transition in their physical bodies, they would go through what is called an absorption process.  In that, indeed, their spiritual essence, the spirit being that which provides the life force or the spark that operates the physical body, would be absorbed into the subconscious mind or portion, indeed, where all is clear and understood.

Now depending upon what the belief system had been of the entity of the physical, which is stored in the unconscious section of their reality. Not to be confused with the subconscious mind, for the unconscious is the layer of belief where all habits of repetition are recorded, such as the conditioning and programming; these can be both effective empowering habits and limiting habits.

They are greeted by whatever spiritual beliefs that give them comfort.  Now, if for example one has had a very strong upbringing in their life such as “Christianity” being one belief, indeed, and followed the path of say, Jesus the Christ. Spiritual guides would give this as a reference to ease the transition and to bring comfort and to avoid the shock of the letting go; they would be met with that which would provide the security. All would be greeted with known factions of their reality such as loved ones that have crossed over previously, to assist.

During this process they would, in fact, feel them themselves engulfed in what has been described as a white light.  But this is not a white light that one could actually see from a visual point of view. For it is a light or an energy that embraces and, indeed, purifies and is that which is called “pure love,” unconditional love, being that which humanity does not yet know in its entirety.

This feeling is so powerful and so welcoming that individuals follow the light with joy and bliss.  The only way to describe this light so that you would, in part, understand is pure bliss and even “bliss” is not understood in your reality.

A period occurs where entities view their physical reality and would take notes, so to speak, without emotional connection or shall we say, indeed, that they are removed from the emotional limitations yet they would remain in their previous physical vibration to observe.  Liken to watching a movie and witnessing themselves going through the life process, note again that time here, doth not exist.  They would, in fact, be not comforted by the grieving process.  For there is not the ability to communicate but if they could, they
would wish to tell their loved ones, “Do not weep for me, but rejoice instead.”

Indeed, then they would move to the next stage of “witnessing.” From this they would be greeted with options to remain on the vibrational state of the spiritual to learn of another aspect of life of which we call “spiritual guidance.”  Some wou ld choose to incarnate some would not.  It is not a question of time in this reality, you see.

SK: In the later part of the question the statement was made to move to a vibration appropriate to spiritual development, could you comment on that please?

REF: Indeed, again the word “level” implies judgment.  Think on this for a moment.  That which exists in the Spiritual vibration or reality is that of non-judgment.  The spiritual would not have the need to identify “levels.”  It is humanity's need to measure and compare experience.

GG: When we pass to the afterlife, what sort of activities do we engage in? Is there sex in the afterlife? Are their soul mates and soul twins? What are the different levels of vibration there? How do we decide to reincarnate?

REF: Afterlife is a good term to use because it is a life without corporeal and, in fact, there are entire planets that would have life forms with out the physicality but would be pure energy.  For that is what we are in the spiritual domain, individual sparks of pure energy, and these energies would hold a multitude experience in a multitude of lifetimes.

There are certain activities or actions, if you will, that be done (now these words that we use here are applicable to your physical reality, but there is no other way to describe this).

Some choose to interact with a physical being as a spiritual guide, sometimes it is a love one they have left behind that is struggling with issues that that entity can provide direction or encouragement to.  Some others would be in similar roles but rather than in a direct guiding state they would be considered similar to your interns or apprentices, observing going from one entity to another.  Know that it’s a learning state always.

Some would choose to gather and collect information to sort.  Think of this as a tremendously large database, that of the akashic records, for lack of a better term, the record of all times, and realize that there are no limits here.

Some would choose to study only that of childlike sparks of energy; others would choose a variety of life studies.  The activities are always to observe and absorb knowledge and the greatest joy, so to speak, is to sort that which has been learned and to review the lessons. For if one entity do realize some issue was not mastered, then a parallel life might be opted for to complete that understanding.

SK: Could you comment on the question of sex in the after life, twin souls, soul mates etc.?

REF: Indeed, now again the word “sex” itself, in your physical reality, and the word “intercourse” means to communicate of the physical with the intent to provide pleasure and to create, correct?

In the Spiritual Realm, vibration, or the afterlife as you call it, or shall we state ”after physical life,” the same process does occur but it is lacking the physical to provide the so-called pleasure.  It is an energy transfer and in this energy transfer is the experience of bliss!  Soul mates choose, while they are in the spiritual experience, or “after physical life,” to integrate.  This is what we would think of as our sexual type of experience.  For to integrate and share knowledge of each soul experiences is to communicate and share. For it does create physical lives in the very agreement to join in the physical and it is, as well, to experience overwhelming pleasure that we call “bliss” and as such parallels the physical reality.

Integration is a blending of the spiritual experiences just as intercourse is the blending of the physical experiences. The decision to incarnate is dependent upon what lessons are required. Know, as well, one does not have to incarnate to learn a lesson, one can incarnate simply because, indeed, they enjoy living in the physical reality. And the greater purpose of physicality is to “enjoy.”

SK: Many who live on the planet today either wish or would like it to be their last  experience because of the traumas that they experience and problems they have or because it is a type of Spiritual landmark to say that or hear that. What are your comments on this?

REF: Indeed, for those who have a strong desire for that concept, there are several psychological reasons for this.  One is that they have difficulty accepting their life choices and because they are taught to see life as being painful rather than gainful.  They see living as work and drudgery and not pleasure and they wish to leave.  That is one reason yet another is because by believing or thinking it is their last life, they give themselves some sort of feeling of power or that they are more evolved and there you have the “level” thinking again.

SK: Ah, the old soul vs. young soul ideas, you mean?

REF: Indeed, now think for a moment,.....time....non-existent....therefore, how can young and/or old exist from our point of view.  Age is only applicable to your physical life, you see.  If one would concentrate on that child like aspect of self or the Christos within, they would be forever young and therefore have more youthful experience and appearance.

SK: Clarify the term Christos please!

REF: It does not refer to Christianity, indeed not!  For it is the childlike state within each persona.

GG: Religions such as Yoga and Buddhism teach that it is possible for us to achieve enlightenment (i.e., nirvana, samadhi, satori, etc.) while in this life. Is this true? If so, please describe the process and how to achieve it.

REF: Indeed, number one, it is true. Know this first and the moment that one stops “trying” is the moment they will experience it.  Because, you see, when you reach for something outside of yourself, it will be liken to the carrot held on a stick in front of a mule.  We go back to being childlike and we refer back to being in the present moment.

If you work on being non-judgmental and work towards loving unconditionally, starting by loving the self as one cannot love or know love if it does not exist within, indeed.  If you
concentrate on being the best of who you are, not better than, not less than, but being as much as ye can be and enjoy it, then you are taking the steps towards bliss, nirvana, samadhi, satori, etc.  Meditation alone will not bring you there, action will.

SK: So thought and action are required together.  Thank you!

GG: Is there life on other planets in the universe? If so, have we made contact with them? Are some of them among us now on earth? What are their intentions and plans?

REF: Yes to most of this.  There are life forms on other planets, your governments have made contact with them and have had for many of your years, since the '40s-'50s of your time span.  Indeed, their intentions depend upon the groups involved.

Indeed, know that these are not all magical beings that will swoop down, gather up the children of humanity and whisk them away to a safe haven.  Indeed not!  These are physical beings, scientists communicators, negotiators, ambassadors, and yes, indeed, militants and some benevolent and spiritually focused, some researchers, galactic travelers to name but a few.

There is not one group alone.  Some intentions, a most important fact, is to be of assistance without interfering to the planet, yet not to save the Earth but by so doing assist themselves.  This is a universal mission. The Vegan Alliance’s intention is to work in conjunction with humanity.  For some others, indeed, that we refer to as the renegades, ‘tis not the case but ‘tis for their own survival only.  We have much information on this, which cannot be answered in this query alone.

GG: There are many so-called new age prophecies regarding the new millennium, catastrophic earth changes, and the ascent of humankind to a higher stage of  spiritual being. Can you confirm or deny any of these prophecies and, if so, what is the source of your knowledge?

REF: There has been much overplaying of the millennium issues.  Yes, indeed, there is and shall be disruptions but not to world catastrophe or shut down. Be aware of this first!  As to the prophecies, these have been stated as probabilities.

For many a seer from the earlier period of the Christ time frame to Michel de Nostredame to Edgar Cayce, so on and so forth, have foreseen the Earth shifts and changes of time, based on humanity's unchanging attitudes.  This is one source of our own knowledge, as well, from this pattern and from observing the path of humanity and its development as a race.  ‘Tis not all destructive you see, but it is human nature to focus on, indeed, disaster rather than to see the successes that have occurred.

Look back at the Harmonic Convergence; do ye not see the result of this?  Look at the walls that have come down and the changes in the world since this has occurred.  The effect of individuals, in unison, can create change and that is our purpose and our mission to plant the seeds of change.  For a source of knowledge one needs to look towards the heavens and ye will see change since the grand cross has occurred.  This had been noted by many a prophet and it had been indicated in the Bible itself, indeed.  And all individuals can utilize this to observe nature, your nature in your world, and you will see it speaking to you.  You will know by watching your own reality, by becoming aware of the life that ye do exist in.

SK: As an addition to that, most people’s pace of life is so fast and so quick these days more out of necessity than out of want.  How does one get back to that silence, that stillness and become aware of what’s around you?

REF: Surrender!  It is that simple.  Indeed, individuals do not take time to enjoy a baby's smile.  They take it for granted.  All babies smile they would think, but that baby is smiling at you, and that is special. Stop for a moment and appreciate the individual shape of leaves.  Note that not two are the same as everything in nature is individual, as you, too, are part of nature and unique onto yourself.

If you stop a moment and fret over the fact that it may be snowing in your part of the world, you begin to think about shoveling snow and the inconvenience.  Stand outside stick out your tongue and taste a snowflake.  Indeed, when was the last time you smelled the leaves in autumn? Not just the leaves as a whole.  Practice smelling the individual leaves.  You will note that there are individual fragrances in all leaves be it autumn or spring, summer.

Have you ever looked at color of a raindrop and remembered when you were a child sitting and watching an anthill in wonderment?  You have time to do many things that are of lesser importance though it may be important to you at the time; indeed, you have time to shout at an inconsiderate driver on the highway.  If you have time for this you have ample time to admire the sunset as you sit impatiently waiting for the traffic jam at rush hour to begin moving.

Too much focus is on anger indeed and not on joy.  Put things into perspective.  Worry and stress serve no purpose but creates dis-ease of the physical whereby the body is not at ease with the self.  The term “to worry themselves to death” is quite accurate.  Focus on your life instead.

SK: A statement to sum up this session please.

REF: How to live in the moment has always been the question that has been posed to many.  Indeed, it is simple. All you have to do is to follow a child around for a day.  At the end of the day you will sit in your comfortable easy chair and say, “This feels good,” and relax.  Indeed, at that very moment of feeling good in your relaxed state of living with comfort and pleasure is to appreciate being.  It is when you say, “Ahhhhhhh, this is nice,” that it shall be nice and it shall “Be!”

And we do thank thee for your energy!

November 1, 1999

Donna Kinniburgh

Donna has worked professionally on a full time basis in the Spiritual field for over twenty years; the last 15 of which she has been the medium for REFLECTION, a grouping of discarnate spiritual entities. During this time she has provided thousands of personal and public sessions, allowing her physical being to be used as a channel for REFLECTION.

Donna began her connection with REFLECTION unintentionally, while assisting her husband Steve who was in the process of developing a new meditation for their Trance Training Course. She first channeled REFLECTION in what she believed was a deep meditation. To Steve's surprise and delight, REFLECTION spoke, while Donna slept for over an hour, explaining their mandate and connecting with the many aspects of Donna's sleeping form.

Donna's many years of working with professional Deep Trance mediums have given her a special insight into the process of Deep Trance. This is evident in the hundreds of research topics she has channeled, available on tape, in transcript and/or CD-ROM. Donna also put her experience to work in lectures and courses that she teaches with her husband, Steve. She has a natural talent for writing poetry and has compiled some of her poems into a soon-to-be published book entitled: Thoughts of A Sleeping Gypsy; A Journey into Awakening©.

Steve Kinniburgh, the Director
Steve is a former professional firefighter who chose to make his life long interest in the Spiritual and metaphysical realm into a full time career. He has been a Deep Trance Director for over 20 years, directing and training other professional mediums and teaching Trance Mediumship (channeling) through courses and workshops.

During that time, Steve has directed over 13,000 private and public readings, giving him an incredible education and awareness of the human condition. This ongoing knowledge and intuitive perception helps him to guide many through readings, courses, and lectures using this vast amount of experience to help them grow and evolve.

As REFLECTION expounds that "we do create our reality," Steve believes that their purpose is to help people re-discover their own latent abilities within, and to encourage each one to create a more effective lifestyle. He is currently documenting this journey in a book entitled Medium Rare© in which he outlines Deep Trance experiences, techniques and teachings in a sincere and objective way.

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