I AM a Pillar of Light -
a beam, an anchor offering stability,
offering freshness and clarity
to those who would draw the light through Me
and benefit therefrom:

And so I stand with others of the Starlight,
as we have stood since Dawn began -
holders of the Light.
As candelabras hold a flaming beacon,
so do we stand.
Our arms outstretched,
our eyes upon the Homeland,
our hearts with the Earth we serve -
ever in gentleness, purity and peace.
So do we stand.
Angels of the Dawn,
Bringers of the Light,
anchors of the Truth.
So do we stand together as One.
And so long have we stood,
we did forget at times those that stood with us,
and now the Dawn grows ever brighter
and we waken -
and oh, the joy, the ecstasy, the delight,
as we turn this way and that -
and see our starry brethren all around.
Reaching out upon the horizon,
as far as eye can see,
these Pillars of Light,
these Beacons of the Dawn,
these candelabras that hold the Starlight strong, are burning.
Burning ever more brightly do they shine
through the mist and veils of forgetfulness that once surrounded us.

To those of the Starlight I call.
Angels of the Dawn.
Bringers of Truth and Beacons of Light.
Anchors of this Light, and Illuminators through time.
Brothers and Sisters - I call to you.
Renew your strength,
renew your pledge,
and double your efforts to raise this Earth Star Terra in her dream.
For she needs stabilizing
in her progress through the waves and beams
and rays of sound and light, that do bombard her all around it seems.
She needs assistance to align and stablize herself upon new ground.

And we shall see her through, and ride with her in active thought.
Bringers of the Dawn are we,
Heralds of this New Age who are ready to sing our Song
and blow the Trumpets of a future birthed in the now, the present moment. And so we sing and offer hope,
and bring our vision of the motion
to this present point of focus in which we stand together,
united as One most Holy Breath that has been held too long.
Let us exhale together on the Wings of Freedom
in one silent Heartbeat to the Rainbow's end.

Thus do we stand as we have stood since Dawn
and greet the rising Sun with joy.

This came through after Sananjaleen returned from a spiritual trip to Bolivia and Peru. You may email her at Sananda@erols.com .

Visit the Website: www.gardenofsananda.com

Also by Sananjaleen is a story for children of all ages called "Joanna's World." You can read several chapters of that delightful book on this website at http://www.mysticplanet.com/B-JOANN1.HTM

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